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BB4K Family Stories

Chloe's Story


I would like to tell you about our experience with the hearing aid today.  First, as far as they can tell, she has probably not been able to hear since birth out of her right ear.  When they put her hearing aid in for the first time and they turned it on, I wanted to cry.  Her face lit up and she said I can hear that.  She keeps saying when she can hear something and it is just so awesome.  I can not imagine what it must have been like for her, but they keep telling me, she didn't know there was anything wrong because it has never been right before.  The opportunity to be able to give her the hearing aid she needs just makes me at a loss for words.  We have been thru a long battle to get to this point!

~ Christine (mom of Kayla, 17)

Pictured above ~ Kayla with her little brother, Dillion 

I had no idea that Chris would be so very excited to see our completed ramp yesterday. He had been talking about it in anticipation. As we drove up, we wondered if it had actually happened or if there had some kind of delay. Up until yesterday, of course he could not ride his scooter into the house, we had to walk very carefully and slowly together. Yesterday he jumped on his scooter, drove up the ramp, entered our house, turned around, came back out and repeated going in and out at least six times with a big smile on his face. We phoned Mike Tanner Construction and Chris thanked Mike for his part as he continued driving up and down the ramp.

I guess I didn't truly appreciate how much it meant to Chris.

We're so grateful for your help. Many, many thanks for blessing us with our new ramp! We know this will really help Chris avoid falls and prolong his ability to walk.                               ~ Dan & Becky (parents of Chris, 17)   

From Malia’s mom

Malia did get her shiny new purple hearing aids.  She LOVES them…as do we.  They are quite a bit nicer than the loaners we were using. 

I can’t tell you what a blessing you and your organization is to our family.  We can’t thank you enough.  OVV is heaven on earth for Malia…she is changing right in front of us.  She is really making great strides because of their dedication to teaching her to speak.  Thank you for supporting her.

From Malia’s grandmother

I am the "Nana" to little Malia!!  We were just informed tonight about your very generous donation to the tuition for our special little girl!! How generous and kind of you and your organization to make Malia a part of your program!!  We are all so excited!!  Her parents have had a lot to deal with this year.  When they received the news about the donation for her hearing aides, both of them just couldn't believe it!!  Now, the news from your organization about her tuition.  The Ohio Valley Voices School is wonderful!  We got to meet the staff and tour the school at a recent open house!  Malia is doing so well there.  She has become our little socialite!!  She is such a precious little girl, and we thank God for her!!      God Bless You All!!  Truly an answer to prayer!!





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