BB4K Brew Crew


Stay Tuned for upcoming Brew Crew Events:

August 23rd - 16 Lots Brewing Company - Join us for a Pre-Bubble Blast Party.  Pick-up your packet, register for the race and DRINK, DINE and DONATE to Building Blocks for Kids

Septemer 2018 - Fibbonacci - Stay Tuned for Details

December 2018 - Madtree - Stay Tuned for Details


Meet Our Kids

Invest in the needs of kids with various special needs


Our Commitment

The heart of Building Blocks For Kids is our commitment to improving lives block-by-block, need-by-need. Regardless of diagnosis, we raise funds for children with disabilities to help them achieve happier, more independent lives. Because not every disability has a name, but every child does. With unwavering support, we walk hand in hand with families to alleviate stress and accomplish new milestones. Our compassionate community celebrates the stories of each child as they build better and brighter futures—one block at a time.