March Madness

March Madness Grid Game

March Madness Instructions

Buy a square on the grid for $20. After all squares are sold, we will put winning team numbers across the top, losing team numbers down the side. For all NCAA tournament games, there will be a winner!! If your square corresponds to the last digit of the winning and losing team scores, you win. We will e-mail the square to you once all numbers have been filled in so you can play along and see what you won. After each round of games, there will be an email letting you know who the winners are. Payouts will mailed after the final game.

For Example: Final Game Score: UC 65, Xavier 62 - Winning grid square is 5 and 2.

Play-in games payout - $5/game, First round payout -$10/game, Round 2 - $15/game, Sweet 16 - $20/game, Elite 8 - $25/game, Final Four - $35/game and Final Game - $100. Total payout for all games = $1,000

Your chances to win = UNLIMITED

Buy as many squares as you want!



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