Help Meet a Child's Need

Interested in how our Adopt-A-Child Program works?  Here’s how you can help in giving hope and assistance to directly impact a specific child.  

  • Choose a month in which your group, family, or business would like to adopt the need of a child.

  • Determine whether you will simply ask for donations from your participating group or if you will raise the money in another fashion such as dress-down days, a raffle, a sports pool, etc. (Needs can range from $50 to $10,000)

  • Set a goal and/or choose a child or two whose need is waiting to be fulfilled. You many also choose one of our programs that you would like to support, rather than a child.   Examples might be our Medical Equipment  Program, Mobility Program, Hearing and Communication Program, etc.  In this case, we will highlight several children who currently have, or have recently had a need from that program.  For example, you may wish to raise money and donate funds restricted to Therapy for Kids.

  • A representative from BB4K will meet with you or send you several profiles the month before your chosen month to share the current needs.  You can also peruse our current needs by clicking here.

  • At your request, BB4K will print one or more posters with the child’s picture, his/her challenge, and a description of the need(s) of that child. The poster(s) and BBK brochures will be displayed in key areas to encourage participation on a daily basis.

When the month wraps up and the donation is tallied, we will

  • Bring your group together for a photo to be released to the press, and

  • Try to have the family and child at the photo session to thank participants. If they can not be present, we will get a letter and picture from the family/child to share with your group.

By participating in this program, 100% of your gift will be directly applied to helping to improve the quality of life for BB4K kids and their families!  

In addition, you will be listed in all future 2020 publications as a BB4K Program Sponsor!


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