Jessica Galley Memorial Fund

Jessica Galley Memorial Fund

Jess Galley, a beautiful 18 year old young lady, was taken from her friends and family much too soon due to a tragic car accident on December 26, 2012.  Her upbeat, silly personality brought laughter to so many friends!

Her family and many friends have decided to start this memorial fund that will fulfill needs for special children as Jess was attending the University of Cincinnati and persuing a degree in Special Education.  By clicking on the BB4K Home button above, you can read about the many children helped by this organization.  Once a funding board is set up and they decide on the children that the fund will give assistance to, the stories and information about the child and his/her family will be shared here on Jess' site.

The first recipient of the Jess Galley Memorial Fund is Serena!

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The heart of Building Blocks For Kids is our commitment to improving lives block-by-block, need-by-need. Regardless of diagnosis, we raise funds for children with disabilities to help them achieve happier, more independent lives. Because not every disability has a name, but every child does. With unwavering support, we walk hand in hand with families to alleviate stress and accomplish new milestones. Our compassionate community celebrates the stories of each child as they build better and brighter futures—one block at a time.