If you have a strong desire to help children in need and some time that you can volunteer, please consider giving your time to the Building Blocks for Kids and the many children in our area who need our help! Whether you decide to take on a position or not -- the most important thing you can do for Building Blocks for Kids is to spread the word about our organization! Here are a few ideas of how you can help. We would love to hear any ideas you might have as well!

You can help Building Blocks for Kids by:

  • supporting our fundraising events and projects

  • volunteering time and/or resources

  • creating your own fundraising event for Building Blocks for Kids

Volunteer Wish List
What could be better than having a great time doing something you love, all the while knowing that you're doing it for a good cause? We've got some great projects in the works, and we're looking for some volunteers like you to join us!

Committees for our Events
While we have Event Committees in place for most of our fundraisers, we still need subcommittees to work on specific areas for each fundraiser. For example, we need subcommittees to help with areas such as raffles, decorations, and volunteers to host a table at our annual benefit in March.

Volunteer Your Time
We are always in need of volunteers to work at our events, stuff envelopes for mailings, work in the office making copies, filing, or updating databases. If you have some time to donate, please contact us.

Block Party with a Mission
Do you have a talent for planning parties? Hosting parties? Or do you just like going to parties? Then you'll love the idea behind our Block Party with a Mission. This is the new craze! Host a party on your block, with your family and/or friends. Ask for a minimum tax-deductible donation to attend the party and let your guests know that the money is going to Building Blocks for Kids. Have fun with a theme or event! You could host a corn-hole tournament, a poker tournament, or a Hawaiian Luau. We'd also like one or more people to act as our "party promoters," which would include recruiting and working with people who want to participate.

Fundraising Party
Talk with your favorite consultant from Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Creative Memories, Stampin' Up, etc. Many of them will be willing to show you how to host a party where the proceeds from your party can benefit Building Blocks for Kids.

"Kids for BB4K Kids" Fundraisers
Kids love helping other kids. That's why we think that kids would love to have some fundraising ideas that they can do on their own. We already have some great kids doing their own thing and we'd like to develop a Kid's Page on our website with ideas for kids who want to help! These fundraisers would also apply to local schools and day care centers that are looking for projects where their students can make a difference in the community.

College-based Fundraisers
College organizations, particularly fraternities and sororities, do a lot of fundraising and philanthropic projects. We are seeking one or more volunteers to develop some fun ideas that college kids could do to raise money for BBK, like bowling or putt-putt golf tournaments.

Attend an Event
Join us for one (or more) of our upcoming events! Watch the website and our newsletter for updates on upcoming events. If you aren't sure we have your mailing address and/or your email address, please contact us via email with that information.

Share a Connection
Are you or someone you know a person who can help Building Blocks further their mission? Do you know a restaurant owner who might be open to hosting a Sponsor Day where the proceeds or a percentage of the proceeds from the sales for the day would be donated to Building Blocks? Maybe you know someone with a company that would have an interest in being a sponsor for one of our events. If you can help us with any of these connections, please contact us!

Any other ideas you may have that would help us raise awareness, friends or funds, would be very much appreciated! In addition, we can always use volunteers for small projects, such as helping us at one of our fundraising events for a couple of hours, helping with mailings, etc. Please let us know if you would like to help in any way!

For information, suggestions, or to volunteer, please contact us at jenny@bb4k.org or (513) 770-2900.

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